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Meet Brit, the intuitive bee


In 2013, I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 28 only 6 weeks after giving birth to my second son. It was a crazy year, to say the least, but in that time I learned so much about taking care of myself and how to get healthy. It hasn't always been smooth sailing though. Since chemo, I've had several surgeries, a massive blot clot in my neck, breast implant illness (BII) and explant, and a myriad of symptoms that go along with BII. 

After my breast cancer diagnosis, I switched to a completely whole foods plant based (WFPB) lifestyle, and I am convinced it made all the difference in my life. I no longer have tumors anywhere in my body. At diagnosis, I had one tumor in my breast and 10 in and on my liver. I also adopted several other lifestyle changes: yoga, meditation, and energy work. It was a complete lifestyle overhaul. I don't know exactly what combination of things I did helped me to become cancer free, but whatever it was, worked. 

I can't say that over the last 7 years that I have been 100% WFPB. I tried other ways of eating to experiment and find what would work best for me long term. If I knew then what I know now, WFPB would've been what I stuck with all this time! Now that I've eaten this way for so long, it has become second nature and no big deal, but when I started it was overwhelming and I never thought I would be able to do this longterm. Before all the changes I made, I ate a pretty standard diet. Meat, cheese (it was once my true food love), eggs, processed foods, fast food, and soda. Turns out, I didn't have enough faith in myself. I learned to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and it changed my life in such a positive way.

Since becoming sick and learning all that I have, the only thing I have ever wanted is to share my story to teach others what I have learned in hopes that we can connect and become healthier as a whole. Once I knew what healthy really felt like, I didn't want it to get away, and I wanted to share it with anyone and everyone! Feel free to reach out to me by clicking the "get in touch" tab at the top of the page. E-mails go directly to me and I will answer you personally :) 

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