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Health Coaching


Hey ladies! I know we're all incredibly busy. We take on so much in our day-to-day lives, and sometimes, that means our own health is placed on the back-burner. Self-care plummets to the bottom of the to-do list. You know what I'm talking about. It's that place on the list where we put the things that won't make life feel like its spiraling out of control if we miss it. But the reality is, life is so much better when we take the time to take care of ourselves. Not only do you feel better, but the people around you feel it too! That's a winning situation if I ever saw one. 

All that sounds great, right? But the real question is: How do I even start something like that? I have goals, but I don't know how to reach them. I've tried this, that, and the other, and besides, how do I even find time for that?

I'm glad you asked! That's what I'm here for! Finding a Health Coach is a great place to start. So, if you've never heard of a Health Coach (or maybe you have, but you're not sure why you would even want one), let me explain how I can empower you and help you reach those goals that feel all too elusive.

We would meet once every other week for approximately 1 hour. In that hour, we discuss your goals, and the program is then completely personalized and tailored to meet your needs! That's the best part. I don't have this rigid program that is the exact same for everyone. Why would I? Your goals may not be the same as someone else's, and even if they are, you probably won't get there the same way!

So what do I mean by "health goals?" Let me explain. Most people immediately jump to something like weight loss, diet/nutrition, and exercise. Don't worry. We can definitely cover those topics if they are a part of your goals, but Health Coaching can cover so much more than that! What about career goals? Relationships? Maybe your goals are centered around your spiritual life?  Our discussion topics can run the gamut  of "life stuff." Pretty cool, huh?

I received my training from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I learned multiple dietary theories and received training in many different, practical lifestyle coaching strategies. This gives you a well-rounded, knowledgable practitioner. Your program will be completely tailored to you and your needs as we co-create together.

So, if this speaks to you, let's chat! You can sign up for a FREE 45 minute consultation to see if Health Coaching is right for you. Click the button below!!!

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