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Hello, Gorgeous!

Starting a new blog feels kinda funny. I kept one while I was going through my cancer treatments (My Fight with the Big C), and kept it up for about 3 years. And then I stopped. I kept wanting to start back up, but my life had really just kind of settled into this new normal. I was busy chasing a toddler around, and my other son was starting his pre-teen years, and my partner was traveling a lot for work. I just didn't feel inspired to write about the fairly quiet life I was living, and every social media post pertaining to health and wellness just felt forced. I'm not complaining though! It was so nice after all the chaos that 2013 brought to just finally have a little peace.

But now, it's been almost 6 1/2 years since my diagnosis, and I'm finally ready to start writing and sharing. A lot has happened in this short period of time. Some really great, some really terrible, and some just in between. I became a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a yoga teacher (RYT-200), and a Reiki practitioner. My oldest is now in high school, and my youngest is off to school for the second year. We lost 2 of our beloved dogs within months of one another, but gained a new, sweet little puppy. We moved into a house that we love in a town that we love, and we're finally starting to feel like we're home now.

If you've been to my site before you might be thinking, "I thought she started this blog again. Did I miss something?" You would be correct. I did start my blog up back in the spring, but I was writing it from a Health Coach's perspective, and it just didn't feel right. It didn't feel authentic to me. So I scrapped the entire thing, and decided to start over.

So where am I currently? Actually, spending a lot of time in my bed, womp womp. I injured my back over the summer. Most likely a bulging disc, but with that I've also been experiencing some awful nerve pain in my leg and foot (pinched nerve, probably sciatic). And at first, I was super pissed about this injury. It just felt like I couldn't catch a break! Like every time I would get some normalcy going in my life, something would come a knock me flat on my ass. It's been a real roller coaster ride, y'all! Like if you got on a roller coaster that you thought was just an easy peasy, little kid one, but in reality, it has the ups and downs, twists and turns, loops, and fast speed that makes you think you're going to die one second, but then you're having a blast and laughing uncontrollably the next, and you don't know what's coming up next or how long each emotion will last. Yep, that's been my life. And I'm starting to become ok with it... I think, haha! What I've learned is that life challenges are really just lessons. Some are easier than others to learn, and some of them have to be super loud and annoying to get you to listen. And sometimes I forget that I even learned this lesson!

Anyway, I decided that rather than write about information that I've learned, or what I'm doing to be as healthy as I can... or sometimes not doing... Or even putting myself into this position where I come off as if I have this all figured out or know exactly what everyone should do... I'm just going to be myself. I'm going to show you that sometimes, I fail. Sometimes, I do things that I know are not healthy for me, but I do it anyway. And sometimes I beat myself up for it, and sometimes I just let it go. And sometimes I am on top of it. But in all this chaos, I hope I can teach you something! Because what I truly want is for everyone to be as healthy and happy as possible no matter what is happening in their lives, and that health and happiness is going to fluctuate depending on the circumstances of your current life. I'll show you how much I geek out over gut health, plant based food, green juice, and yoga. You'll probably see a lot about my kids, my dogs, and my partner, Stephen. And some of it will probably have nothing to do with health... it's just life. But I have a lot of things to share, and a lot of things to teach you! So, if you wanna ride the rollercoaster with me, let's go!

<3 Brit


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